A Conversation with Thomas

Thomas was at our house for dinner yesterday as he usually is on a Sunday. Thomas was his usual very talkative self standing opposite from me at the kitchen island. I was preparing dinner; egging and breading eggplant slices while the oil heated up. Out of nowhere Thomas said, “Jesus music, remember mom?” I responded that yes, I listen to Christian or “Jesus” music. Thomas then says he remembers “kids church” which is a program he used to attend at our church when he was younger. I asked him if he wanted to go to church and he said no. I then told him that Jesus loves him and Thomas nodded in agreement.

Thomas kept talking about Jesus and music. It was interesting because it was Thomas who initiated the conversation. I have found with Thomas that he will only talk about what he wants to talk about. He’s not easily persuaded to discuss just anything. So I just went with his discussion of Jesus. I asked him if he knew Jesus died for him and Thomas nodded. I said that Jesus died for you because He loves you and Thomas again nodded. He seemed very secure in this knowledge and I was impressed.

Thomas is a young man who isn’t easily read. When you meet him you really aren’t sure of his level of functioning, he can be quiet upon first impression. But then he opens up and will talk, if he likes you he will be quite open. Thomas gets sarcasm. Which is very surprising to most people. If you give him a sarcastic answer or comment he will smile at you and either agree or disagree depending on what is appropriate. He will also laugh if you’re being comical along with your sarcasm.

I’m glad I had the chance to discuss our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with him. It’s been a while since we talked about God and the love He has for us. I don’t think we talk about God enough with the ones we love. I remember about a year not so before my father passed away I told him I was worried about his salvation. Those were my exact words. “His salvation.” Daddy told me he believed in Jesus and He was his savior. It was all I needed to hear. And to see my son nod his head in agreement when I say that Jesus loves him is all I really need.

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