End of Semester

I just submitted my last paper for this semester. The class was Evidence Based Practice and Research Analysis. It was as fun as it sounds. Actually it wasn’t difficult, the most challenging part was the paper that was assigned. You had to construct an evidence based question related to nursing practice and analyze two articles in order to answer your question. I thought I was doing great until I had a phone appointment with my instructor. She mentioned that perhaps I was putting too much into the assignment, that the answers I wrote might be too much and not what they’re looking for. So I spent the next few minutes highlighting and deleting, highlight; delete. I was so glad I kept that phone appointment otherwise I would have definitely been doing revision work after handing the assignment in. I’m not 💯 percent confident I did the work appropriately, I never feel really good when I submit a paper. I always doubt myself and then the anxiety sets in that I did it all wrong and will have to do the whole thing over again.

To be honest I’m just glad I finished the paper. I’ve procrastinated on it long enough. I have no more overtime at the vaccine center since it’s now closed, so I really had no excuse to not do the assignment. So now I sit and wait for “them” to evaluate my work. They technically have 3 days to complete the evaluation. Not that I’ve ever waited that long to find out if I passed or needed to do something over. So I just keep checking the website to see where they’re at.

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