This past week Samantha and I spent 3 nights down the Jersey Shore at the beach. It was so nice. We stayed at this very, very old “inn” which was probably once a huge house turned into a rental property. It was nice, we had our own bathroom and a/c so who’s to complain? Oh and we had a continental breakfast every morning, yay! I love the beach, the water is so calming and simply wonderful. Samantha had a good time with me, that’s what she told me so I’m going with it. A couple of nights we walked down to Asbury Park boardwalk. The first night I had my palm read. I was nervous but she told me all good things, like I have a very long life line which I’ve been told before, that Tommy and I are soul mates, that he loves me very much, it was nice to hear all that. However she did say “someone has put the evil eye on me.” Interesting…However my God is bigger than any evil eye and would never allow such to harm me.

At Asbury Park we also visited this museum of pin ball machines and video games from back in the day. It was really cool, some of the pin ball games went back to the 1950’s and were made of wood, they even had Pong and Frogger! Omg I was amazed at their collection. You pay by the half hour or hour for the person to play, no tokens or coins needed. For Samantha to play an hour it was 15.00 and she was free to play as many games as she wanted I though it was a pretty fair deal, plus no one was checking to see if anyone was being honest and leaving at their designated time, so for both visits Samantha got an extra 10 minutes of game time. To be honest I was ready to leave anyway, so she wrapped it up.

After working the summer session it feels so good to be off from work. And to have my bachelors completed is an added bonus! I keep thinking that if my mentor didn’t push me to complete those last two classes when she did I would be doing that work now. That would suck. I’m so grateful to her for the advice and her guidance. I received my diploma in the mail and I love looking at it. That’s my name there. I’m so proud.

And Now…

And now I’m anxiously awaiting my diploma, I can’t wait to see my name along with a Bachelors of Science degree. I don’t know how long it will take, of course I want it yesterday. I also can’t wait to sign my name with my new to me initials after it.

Right now we are at the tail end of summer session. I have to say I’m ready for it to be over. Summer session usually flies by, but this year it seems to be taking a little longer than usual even though it’s the same 6 weeks. Last year we worked the whole summer at the recreation center in Brooklyn so I don’t know why this summer seems to be taking longer than in the past. I shouldn’t complain time will pass quickly before I know it.

We have 4 days of summer session left! I seriously won’t know what to do with myself before I get busy going away on vacation! I’m taking Samantha to the Jersey shore for a few days. I can’t wait to just sit at the beach and watch the water and the people of course. I’m a big people watcher. We are planning to visit the boardwalk at Asbury Park too. That should be fun.

I bought a fire HD tablet to download books on so I can read books that I want to read. I feel like it’s been so long that I’ve read a book not related to school. I downloaded my first book already, I’ve grown fond of an author named Kristen Hannah. She writes fiction and keeps my attention. Sometimes I really enjoy historical fiction, I loved reading Gone with the Wind. I have yet to watch the movie. One day when I have 2 and a half hours I’ll sit and watch it. You never know.


This past Friday I submitted my last undergraduate paper, and it was a long ass paper. By Saturday afternoon it was “in evaluation”. The last time this paper was in evaluation it took a day and a half for them to tell me to revise it. So when I discovered the paper was being evaluated, I was in it for the long haul. But to my surprise it didn’t take that long. My guess is that they only evaluated what had to be revised and I’m ok with that of course. So…a couple of hours later I checked to see if it was still being evaluated and to my great surprise I passed! I passed!! My last class and paper! Omg I was jumping up and down, almost knocked my husband over, lol! I called my mom of course because she was waiting anxiously with me.

I am so happy I accomplished this. This wasn’t possible a few years ago when Thomas was a mess, I was a mess, Thomas went into residential school and I picked up my pieces and tried so very hard to put myself back together. God is so good, He helped me get back on my feet, before I knew it Thomas was settled in and I was still fragile but together I made it through the valley and through the storm. The next thing I knew I was dusting off my nursing license and working part time, then full time, then the school position came about and I knew it was God placing that job posting right where I could see it. The rest is history with my school and me.

I’m proud of myself. I did it! It was difficult at times but no impossible. Even that damn bio chem class that took me forever to pass last summer, I did it. I can’t wait to see my degree in person and begin signing my name RN BSN. So cool.

It Gets Easier When They Get Older…

I saw a meme on Facebook that said this and the women pictured were laughing, but I don’t think in a good way. It got me thinking. I do think my kids have gotten easier now that they are older. I wouldn’t go back to ages 2-5 years if you paid me. Nor would I care to re-live grammar school, for any of my 4 children. I know my life with my children was not a very typical life, with Thomas being special needs and the many rough roads we walked with him, bringing the girls with us. But the girls were very typical in their behaviors because that’s just who they were. Samantha is almost a category on her own due to being the youngest and the age differences between her and everyone else.

In my opinion and experience grammar school takes forever; grades 6-8 junior high is so slow but not as slow as grammar school; and high school literally flies by! First you’re sitting in freshman orientation…then your child is handing you the paper for all the fees associated with senior year. It’s that fast.

I enjoy my kids now that they’re older. Even when they’re moody AF, I won’t mention any names haha. When Alyssa and Lelly went through high school I have to say it was pretty painless, Samantha will be starting her 2nd year of high school and it hasn’t been easy on her being in school virtually for most of her freshman year but she has connected with a couple of girls in person so that’s cool, I’m glad for that. This Covid situation really screwed with our teens. My kids talk to me, some days they’ll tell me literally everything and that’s ok, that’s what I’m here for. And no judgement!

So to all the people who laugh when someone says it gets easier when they get older I say ha! Yes, it does.

Still Going Along…

I am still writing papers for school. I feel like I’ve been at this much longer than the beginning of June. The class that I had to finish by June 30 required a professional E-portfolio. Which I completed. However the assignment needs to be revised. I’m not permitted to see what needs to be fixed until I re-register for the class at the end of July. I’m not happy about that. Currently I’m finishing up a paper for my second class. I really hope I do well and nothing needs to be revised.

I’m bummed that I didn’t finish up everything the way I had hoped I would. The plan was to pass both classes and be on my way with my Bachelors degree by the end of July. Not happening. But… everything happens for a reason and I’m sure the Lord has his plan.

On the bright side I am just about finished with this degree. When I’m not procrastinating or playing on my phone, or writing a blog…I’m doing nothing else but working on school assignments. I’m ready to be done.


Today my first born turns 25. It feels unreal that my first baby is 25 years old. Of course I remember everything about his pregnancy and birth as all mothers do. I also remember how hard it was to raise Thomas. We were given this baby who grew into a toddler but not a typical toddler and not one specialist/ doctor was of any help to us. It was hard, so hard.

Did Thomas being “different”stop us from having more children? Nah… that would make too much sense, besides I wouldn’t have missed raising our girls for the world. We made decisions and choices for our family and Thomas when he was growing up that no parents should ever have to make. But that is water under the bridge and I regret nothing. I love Maya Angelou’s quote, “We did the best we could with what we knew…when we knew more, we did better.”

It’s difficult to reflect back on Thomas’ childhood without being melancholy. I fought and fought for help for him from the time he was a baby all through his teens. But I don’t expect or want a pat on the back. I’m no different than any other mother of a special needs child. Thomas changed me. He made me be very vocal, I used to be relatively quiet. Thomas gave me a loud voice. Thomas made me more open minded, I used to be a bit judgemental. After Thomas…nope not so much. I met the greatest people ever because of Thomas; women who became soul sistahs and others, ones that I admire more than I can ever express. I was fortunate to have these women in my life. So 25…it’s a milestone for Thomas and us. We all made it!

I’ve been working night and day on my “portfolio” that was assigned as one of my last classes towards my BSN. And I handed it in this morning. I have not been pleasant to be around I give my family especially my husband a lot of credit for dealing with me. I still have one more class and paper to write and then I’ll be finished. I wasn’t supposed to be finished this early, my college mentor talked me into speeding up and taking the last two classes in June and July instead of in the Fall semester. I’m not sure if I’m glad I did this…yet. I’ll probably feel differently when all the assignments are handed in. Right now I feel in a sort of limbo. And I have to wait for the powers that be to evaluate what I just handed in. I dread getting a revision notice, that totally sucks. I keep checking the collage web site to see if it’s been evaluated but it hasn’t. I’m not a fan of hurry up and wait.

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Father’s Day

Both Tommy and I lost our Dad’s; Chick (Tommy’s dad) in 2016 and Walter (my dad) in 2017. Father’s Day is hard I won’t lie. Even looking at pictures is still difficult. They were both great guys.

I was probably the luckiest daughter in law ever having Chick for a father in law, that man would do anything for me and at the end when I had to get medical information from doctors or nurses I stopped calling myself an “in-law” and just said I was his daughter. That’s how I felt anyway. And he never stopped to correct me, ever. Chick loved and spoiled my kids. Not so much with material things or gifts even thought for a while there they managed to get him to take them to the mall without me…But Chick would always make sure they had whatever my kids would want to eat or drink in the house. If we were coming over for dinner on a Sunday, Thomas always had chicken on the bone; his favorite! And we won’t get into the supply of chocolate syrup for making chocolate milk and ice cream sundaes. Chick was so very thoughtful that way. I really miss him. Tommy just said to me that “they don’t make them like him anymore.” And he’s right. Chick was definitely one of a kind.

Now my dad…My dad was just great. He was kind, caring, and loved to talk and tell a great story. I’d you had a situation, my dad had a story. He was supportive and really cared about what you were doing. And he had a way with animals I have yet to see again. My dogs and cat Smokey just loved him, not to mention how his dogs were with him. Even when my dad was working at the garage as a mechanic he had this awesome German Shepherd named CB, like the radio. He was a big dog I remember but good! Omg what a good dog and it was because of my dad. All our dogs were good, even Barney who you had to look at twice/give the side eye some days. If Barney didn’t like you there was a reason haha. I swear if someone other than my dad raised Barney that dog would have been a little on the mean side. He was we think a chow mix, all black with this gorgeous coat and he would jump in our pool off the deck; but when he got out Barney would shake himself off and be dry! Crazy I tell you.

When we started driving my dad would find us these cars…and tell us to “Just drive!” No matter what kind of car it was or what kind of shape the car was in. Just Drive IT! I still hear that voice some days and I laugh. He was funny. Back in those days I couldn’t parallel park to save my life, my father would practically yell at me “Use your mirrors!” Uh huh… lol! He would be so proud of my parallel parking skills these days. I finally learned how to use my mirrors.

So I want to wish all the awesome dads out there including my love, Tommy a very Happy Fathers Day. It’s your day to be appreciated and know how very loved you are.

More On School

So after 3 revisions I passed the final paper of that class. The reasons for the revisions were silly mistakes I made and should have been more vigilant in reviewing the requirements before handing it in. But all is well and the class is behind me.

I had an interesting conversation with my college mentor and she believes I could finish up the last 2 required classes by July and save myself from paying for another semester of college. I thought about it and I’ve decided to lkind of close my eyes, keep my head down and go for it. It’s going to be a lot of work but I keep thinking of being finished so much earlier as an incentive, and to finally be able to proudly add those BSN letters after my signature! I’ll probably sign everything possible with those initials haha!! Bank checks, school forms for Samantha, the possibilities are endless…

I will be working this summer. I’ve been working every summer since I’ve been with the Dept of Ed, I don’t mind at all and the work load sometimes is a little lighter although this year it may be a bit heavier with students returning from remote learning. We shall see when summer session begins.

It’s been such an odd school year; being closed due to Covid cases, returning afterward; still having school breaks and then being busy when school is in session even though the total number of students attending full time is fairly low, there are still students who come everyday and need nursing care. I’m hoping for a more “normal” school year this coming September.

My last Paper…Revised!

So I handed in my last paper of the semester this past Sunday. By Tuesday morning I read that I had to do a revision *and* have my course instructor’s approval. O. M. G. Wth did I hand in? My instructor called me at work Tuesday morning but I was at work and couldn’t take the call. So we emailed. I was so frustrated because things I was graded on as being wrong I know I answered the correct way. So finally after an exasperated email to the instructor she told me I referenced the wrong email that I downloaded as a pdf. I gave the wrong article title! I felt dumb. So last night I fixed what was wrong and a couple of other things that needed to be expanded on and emailed the instructor that I wanted to submit again. She called me right away and said she had to approve the revision to email her my correct paper. Done. She looked it over and approved me submitting again. So I submitted the paper again this time with the correct article title referenced. Whew! So now I wait for the powers to be to evaluate the correction. I check constantly of course. But so far…nothing