A new school year and other musings.

I’ve been enjoying my new bag and the fact that my mammogram was “negative” something I’m forced to reflect on due to the reports I get in the mail from the imaging center. These reports aren’t annoying they’re actually quite reassuring. That I heard the radiologist correctly.

School is in session full force with all my girls each bringing home a load of homework. Well except for Samantha the youngest she just has an assignment here and there for now. I’m sure her workload will become heavier soon enough. I’ve slowed down a bit in cleaning out my closets. It did feel good to get rid of all those shoes that were only taking up space. I really should do a cull of my handbags next but Im not ready and too many are too nice to donate. I’ll cross that closet when I’m ready…

I’m not too eager for the change of seasons to come about. Usually I do enjoy that cross over into Fall, I’m just totally not looking forward to winter. I can handle being “hot” from the summer weather. I loathe being cold in the winter. I went thrift shopping today and picked up a really nice sweater and top for layering. Always thinking ahead to keep warm.

I’ve been thinking about God lately and I’m eager to start back up with bible study/small group at church. Groups begin meeting the last week of September. In thinking about God I’ve been contemplating what a great God we have. His awesomeness and how our Lord and Savior meets you where you are. That Jesus has such perfect timing. It’s amazing. And I wish I were doing more to spread his Gospel. The good news that we are forgiven. All you have to do is accept Him as your Savior. So simple and so life changing. And when Jesus is in your life everything changes. You change. Not radically at first (well I don’t think I did but my family may say otherwise), but things you once accepted become unacceptable. We all have different things that affect us in different ways as we each try to please Him in our own ways. In pleasing Jesus I pray for boldness that I won’t remain silent when an opportunity arises to shine His light.



Winter ~ I’m tired of it just like everyone else.  There’s too much snow and ice here (insert whiney voice).  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way, I have no desire to move anywhere.  Not even down the block.  I like my house and l like this borough I live in.  I adore Manhattan and that we’re so close to it.  Sometimes I find out many people aren’t fans of the ferry but I love it :).  The quantity and quality of people watching on the ferry is beyond compare.

Anyway, getting back to complaining about winter. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I were a cold weather sport person, like skiing or heck even sleigh riding down the various golf courses here. Nope. I loathe being cold, I’d rather be hot than shivering cold. And I’m not just saying that because it’s 23 degrees today. Ok again, I still don’t want to move. I actually enjoy the change of seasons, I find I get bored of the weather being the same all the time and I really dislike it when we have unseasonable weather. Like when it’s oddly warm in January and February. It just feels very wrong. Those months *should* be cold where I live. So we can all complain about how cold we are!

On the plus side of winter, the snow is pretty. Even ice is pretty when you’re not walking or driving on it. The picture above is this little tree my neighbor planted last year. The ice is amazing on this little tree in my opinion. I guess you have to look for things that are pretty to get you through. This past snow storm did leave everything pretty with the snow on bare branches. Most of that is gone now and most of the snow is looking dirty these days. I think that’s when the complaining starts, when things get ugly. Or when things melt then freeze again. Ugh! Feel free to join me in complaining since there is nothing any of us can do about it. The season is the season and soon enough I’ll be complaining about how darn hot it is outside!