Shoes. I’ve been in love with shoes since I’m 17 years old. I learned early on what a great looking pair of shoes could do to any outfit. They can elevate a simple dress or common jeans and tee. A crappy looking pair can take down the most expensive, elegant clothing one can possibly own. I’m constantly checking out people’s shoes. The style, whether they “go” with certain clothing and let’s not forget the fit. Tis the season for sandals and flip flops and it never ceases to amaze me how many women will walk around wearing open toe shoes/sandals/heels that are obviously a size too small. I’m taking toes and foot hanging over the side. Toes touching the ground. It’s especially disturbing in Manhattan I mean New York is one of the fashion capitals of the world…

Years ago I wouldn’t go to work unless I was wearing heels. I used to work in an auto parts store and I loved dressing for work. It wasn’t strange to be a woman working there, my boss felt men/customers  behaved better if there was a woman present. That there would be less cursing and off color remarks. I guess he was right I never felt disrespected when I worked there. Although my co-workers and I shared many politically incorrect jokes and remarks to each other. We wouldn’t get away with it today.

I even wore heels when I worked at the allergist’s office giving allergy shots. I was known for my shoes and I loved it. I wasn’t on my feet for the whole time I would be up and down sitting so wearing heels was doable.

Today going to work I’ll only wear flats. I see plenty of women going to work in Manhattan wearing heels and I admire them.  I don’t see myself running for the boat or subway in heels. The need for comfort has taken over… When I see my almost 18 year old daughter going out and wearing heels I admire her so much. I love her style. She reminds me of me at that age when you never felt the pain of the high heels. You chose beauty over comfort.

I do have some heels left in my vast shoe collection, they just don’t see the light of day that often. Maybe that will change; maybe not.









For the love of shoes and bags…

If anyone knows me they are well aware of what a shoe and bag whore I am. Even more so now that I’ve gained weight from medications I have to take. Shoes and bags don’t make you look anything but good (given you’re not breaking any fashion police rules and regulations). They always fit and always make me happy.

My loving husband recently asked me in an exasperated way do I really *need* as many shoes as I have. My short answer is yes, yes I do need them all. And don’t ask how many pairs I have I’ve yet to officially count. Each pair of shoes serves a specific purpose and/or mood and/or outfit. I know I’m not alone in my shoe habit. A recent conversation with my sister outed her as a boot whore. Hmmm…I wasn’t surprised. A similar conversation with my mother reminded me of her own large shoe collection.

Now before anyone cares to judge one can take a look at one’s own possessions and note if a pattern or series of replicas exist. I’m sure there is something out there. We all have our “thing(s)”.

My shoe obsession began around age 17. I bought many a pair and color of inexpensive high heel pumps as that was the style back then. I seriously have no idea how many pairs of shoes I owned but it was quite a bit. When I moved in with my husband my Dad literally filled up his small mini van with all my shoes to move them from his and my mothers house to Tommy’s apartment.  My soon to be husband I remember wasn’t thrilled. Neighbors thought my father was selling shoes out of his van.  They were asking if he had specific sizes. Good times…

I started getting into bags around 2002.  To beat the stress of living with Thomas and his out of control behavior I would surf the web looking at handbags, expensive handbags.  I still do it and  call it my mind candy.  Handbags like shoes aren’t size specific. So today  I’ve amassed a sizable handbag collection. So I’m not  kidding if I put in my Facebook status that I’m contemplating what bag to change into.  Sometimes it takes a lot of thought and consideration of what I’m about to wear and what the weather is going to be like. Yes, I have specific rainy day bags and no my bags don’t match my shoes. They’re not supposed in case you’re wondering.








I have too many shoes and my husband will wholeheartedly agree with me. I can’t help it, it’s some sort of sickness and I know I’m not the only one “suffering” from said sickness. I’ve tried to downsize but I only succeed in getting rid of shoes that never fit right or are just plain ugly and I’m then having a “wth” moment. I can’t get rid of most shoes for fear I’ll need it someday with some outfit in the near and not so near future. I have a gorgeous pair of red high heeled sandals with rhinestones that I bought on sale over 10 years ago. It was the type of sale where I could not leave them there. I’ve yet to wear them. I’ve also never thought to get rid of them.

My girls love when I go through my closets and take stock of my shoes I have one pair that Daniella fell in love with a few years ago when her foot was too small for them. She made me promise to not get rid of them, to save them for her when her foot grew enough to wear them. Of course I saved them.

Even when I thrift shop I have to check out the shoes. This is one instance where I don’t buy shoes all that often. I’m funny that when I buy thrifted shoes they must be in like new or new condition. The only exception are high end designer shoes. I’ve thrifted Louboutins, Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks in nice condition and happily skipped out of the store with my treasures. I’ve also found Manolos for a good friend I think I was as excited as she was.

So maybe this fall I’ll take another look at my shoes and see about downsizing…Maybe.

Designers, familiar names and “who??”

When I started to thrift there were many designers and name brands I’d never heard of.  This is where my iphone became my new best friend.  I can’t tell you how many designers I “discovered” in the middle of the thrift store thanks to google!  Just a few that were new to me are;  AG (Adriano Goldschmied) denim, Splendid (I have a top with that name from Bergdorf Goodman, Diesel denim~I’d heard of Diesel but I had NO idea how pricey they are~wow!  To name a few more are William Rast, Jil Sander, Balenciaga, and Joy Han.  Designer names I’d never heard of.  I had no idea of the wonderful world of these clothes and handbags before I became enamoured with the thrift.  Most of the general public is familiar with Burberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc…in fact I have a gorgeous Burberry satin skirt on my website as well as other either more “common” designers or unknown to some.  I encourage everyone to find out about a designer if you see a piece of their clothing that intrigues you.  This is not to say you should become obsessed with and/or become deep in debt to acquire said clothing or handbag, but you seriously never know what will turn up at the thrift!  I have the coolest vintage Christian Dior skirt suit found at the thrift.  I adore this suit and one day I will find the best venue to wear her and she will shine!  

Through the thift I’ve gained knowledge about vintage Coach bags.  I currently have 3 in my collection that were made in the USA, One made in NYC.  I think that is the absolute coolest ever!  Don’t get me wrong I love the newer bags I own as well, made in China but there’s something oh so special about “Made in NYC/USA”.  An era gone by.


As usual I encourage anyone reading who is in search of a specific designer or style of clothing, shoes, handbags, etc…to contact me.  Email, text, whatever is best for you.  If I’m selling an item and you’ve never heard of the designer/brand feel free to ask.  If you’ve seen a specific designer item but it’s not in your budget right now, let me know.  As your personal shopper I would absolutely keep my eyes open while at the thrift~you never know what will turn up!Image